NMD_R1 Lush Red Review

NMD_R1 Lush Red Review

When the first round of NMD’s were released at the beginning of the year I wasn’t completely sold on their appearance. They certainly looked different, featuring the strange rectangular blocks around the sides of the soles but these most recent colourways have given a new edge to them. Whereas before the range was quite limited, there are now plenty of different styles to choose from (although most are now sold out), the one that particularly caught my eye was called “NMD_R1 Lush Red“.

The NMD_R1 Lush Red’s feature a light red (almost orange) Primeknit front and a light grey rear, coupled with your standard white boost sole and light red and black rectangular blocks. The laces are light grey and black and are made from a strange material, like a thinner version of the main shoe. Like all shoes in Adidas’s Boost range these are exceptionally light, inside there’s a thin foam insole and that’s it, no frills. It’s definitely comfortable but no Ultra Boost, the Ultra Boost is much more padded inside – the NMD_R1 Lush Red almost feels like a de-constructed cousin.

They do look very nice but lack something visually for me that I get with both the Ultra and Yeezy Boost’s – it’s a trainer and it’s hard to make it look anything but that in an outfit. If you’re looking for an casual trainer to wear at the weekends that’s reasonably priced (£90) or when you go running then this is a great solution but for me personally it misses the bar for other street luxe looks.

NMD 1 lush red

NMD 1 lush red 9

NMD 1 lush red 8

NMD 1 lush red 6

NMD 1 lush red 4

NMD 1 lush red 7

NMD 1 lush red 5

NMD 1 lush red 3

NMD 1 lush red 2

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